Global Leadership Mentoring Video Clips by Dr. Karen Otazo
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Leadership Mentoring Expert, Dr. Karen Otazo reveals the insiders truth about being a leader in the following short,
profound mini-clips that uncovers topics that no one talks about!
1 The word on the street was... "A woman could not be a leader because she has raging hormones!"  
2 Women need to have energy like Fine Champagne...  
3 "If you want something to get done, ask a woman. If you want somebody to talk about it, ask a man!"  
4 “Take your pick: wife, mother, girlfriend”  
5 You can call me "Dr. Karen"  
6 "The Games Men Play"  
7 "Women are the Best Experts"  
8 "How are we Doing in the U.S.?"  
9 "We've Come a Long Way, Baby!"  
10 "Coaching a Leader That's in a Fish Bowl"  
11 "Keep your Friends Close and Your Enemies Closer"  
12 "Broad Shouldered Leadership"  
13 "Warm vs Cold Leadership"  
14 "Set up the Big Rules"  
15 "Grit, Grace and Gravitas"  

"Knowing the Potholes and ***holes in a Company"

17 "Women Notice the Small Things"  
18 "Tips for Women Leaders"  
19 "Queen Bee's in the Workplace"  
20 "Playing the Leadership Mommy Role"  
21 "Mid-Life Leadership Crisis at 30"  
22 Senator Clinton  

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